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Ottawa Flooring- Low Maintenance Garage Floor Coatings

Ottawa Concrete Floors is #1 when it comes to garage floors and garage floor coatings. Depending on the specific requirements, we can provide you with a superior, chemical resistant garage floor that will withstand brake fluid, battery acids, gas, oil, hot tires and just about anything else you can think of.

The most common product used in concrete floors in garages is polyaspartic coatings with decorative broadcasts. This compound fills the concrete pores and crevices eliminating dust and preventing stains from liquids. Polyaspartic coating is UV stable thus ensuring that the concrete gleam will not discolor from exposure to sunlight. Another advantage to using polyaspartic coating is that it cures rapidly. This prevents the concrete from cracking and splitting apart when the concrete slab expands and contracts from the fluctuation in temperature.

Not only are our Garage Flooring Systems tough and durable, they can also be completely customized with many different colors and various sheens from high gloss, to a matte finish. They can also be finished with metallic coatings, or flake flooring systems, providing a durable, slip resistant garage floor solution that is economical and maintenance free.

Overtime when left untreated garage floors get easily damaged by vehicle traffic, contamination, and day-to-day wear and tear. Garage floors can easily be repaired by applying concrete coatings. This process can restore the look of the garage as well as re-invent the garage space.

For more information on a complete garage transformation visit our sister company Garage Perfect or contact Ottawa Concrete Floors or call (613)-417-1930 for a free quote today.