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Ottawa Self Leveling Concrete & Gypcrete Services

Self leveling concrete is a convenient way to prepare your sub floor, keep it level, retaining its durability as well as its aesthetics.  It dissolves the need for troweling and the speeds up the process of preparing the sub floor.

But the process of self leveling is not as easy as the name would infer. The quality and processing of materials used can present quite a challenge to execute. The expert staff at Ottawa Concrete Floors has been challenged to cater to the needs of self leveling since its derivation.

 A representative from Ottawa Concrete Floors will assess the sub floor in the consultation for suitability and durability to ensure that it can be self leveled. This technique is not suitable for all surfaces. In some instances you may have to revert back to traditional concrete work. Self leveling compounds do not adhere well to the surface unless it is clean, free of dust and grime.

Ottawa Concrete Floors Self Leveling Process

  1. We begin by cleaning the surface with a vacuum.
  2. Proceeding this we give the surface a light sponging.
  3. Next, based on the surface area we apply a suitable primer.
  4. Once the primer is dry, we mix and pour out the self leveling compound bearing in mind the high and lows on the surface.
  5. The process is then completed with the required finishing touches like troweling the edges.

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  • Ottawa Concrete Floors did a beautiful job on our garage. Now its easy to clean the floors, and all our things are nice an organized in our new cabinets.

    Elizabeth & Edward Rog

Contact Ottawa Concrete Floors for professional concrete finishing services or call (613)-417-1930 for a free quote today.

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